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This is one of the first countries to issue a driving license, and it was the Russian Empire that did it first. As early as 1900, Saint Petersburg authorities granted the first Russian licenses. In 1909, Russia ratified an international treaty. As a result of the relatively small number of automobiles on the road, attempts to develop a uniform Russian driving license were intermittent and restricted to large urban regions only. Until the Soviet Union organized and standardized traffic and driving laws in 1936, with a state-wide system overseen by specialized police bodies, there was no comprehensive licensing system in place. Buy Russian Driving License.

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According to the current type of license, which was adopted in 2011, it is a laminated plastic card with the bearer’s portrait and name in Latin and Cyrillic character, place/date of issuance, authorized categories, and signature. On the back of the card, you’ll find a full list of categories that you’re permitted to use. Buy Russian Driving License.

Due to the fact that this new design is completely compatible with the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, it may be used in all signatory nations and countries. It’s not uncommon to see licenses in the form of a credit card or a booklet, although they’re no longer issued and are becoming increasingly rare. If your Russian driving license has been confiscated for major traffic violations, you may also be issued a special card called “врeменное рареение” (temporary permission), which is used to register penalty points and as a temporary license. These supplements have come and gone throughout the years as the opinions of the traffic have changed.

In Russia, the legal driving age is 18 years old, and you may buy your Russian driving license online.

How to get a Russian driving permit The minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license is 18 years old (16 for motorbikes and 20 for buses) and you must be physically healthy to drive (including mental fitness certifications and no history of substance abuse). You’ll also need to pass a test conducted by a local traffic police authority and pay a charge to get your license. There are two types of tests: theoretical and practical. For the theory test, you’ll take a multiple-choice computerized test on various traffic laws. Only one erroneous response is permitted in two separate exam subjects (for a total of two incorrect answers) in order to pass the test, and five more questions are added once the main part of the test is done. Second, you’ll take a driving test on public roads. The first portion of the exam is an isolated skills test where you’ll be asked to do things like steer uphill, back up, parallel park, and complete an obstacle course. Only four small mistakes can be made during the road driving test in order to pass. No restriction to the number of attempts, however, there is a necessary grace period of one week for the first three attempts, followed by a month for any additional attempts. Russian driving licenses for sale

As a result, the General Administration for Traffic Safety (GATS) is responsible for issuing licenses to operate on-road vehicles. The Russian driving license for foreigners, Russian driving license for EU citizens, Russian driving license for Canadian citizens. Buy Russian Driving License


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