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Learn how to drive in Iceland and how to get a driver’s license.

It is possible to begin taking driving lessons for passenger vehicles at the age of 16, but a license is not issued until the age of 17 in Iceland. If you’re interested in riding a scooter, you’ll need to be at least 15 years old. Buy Iceland Driving License.

A certified driving instructor must be contacted in order to begin taking driving lessons. Practical and theoretical lessons are taught by a driving instructor who recommends a driving school for the theoretical portion.
It is possible for a learner to practice driving under the supervision of someone other than the driving instructor. These are the requirements for a practice driving permit:

  • students who have finished their theoretical studies and have obtained appropriate practical instruction in the judgment of their driving instructor. If you live in Reykjavk, you will need to make a request to the Chief of Police.


The Road Traffic Directorate conducts driving tests on a regular basis through Frumherji, which has service centers all across Iceland and is responsible for the execution of tests.

In order to graduate, a written test is performed once the theoretical courses are completed. Prior approval is required for the exam to be taken. To get such a permit, you must apply for a driver’s license at your local district magistrate’s office. Reykjavk’s District Magistrate is Kópavogur.

  • In addition to the magistrates, driving schools also offer forms. No matter where you live in Iceland, you may apply.
    As soon as you’ve completed all of your classes, you’ll be able to take the practical test.


In return for a signed driving instruction log, those who pass the driving test can receive a temporary driving permit the same day from the Chief of Police.

Upon passing the driving exam, you will receive your driving license within a few days. When you get your first driving permit, it’ll only be valid for three years.
After passing the driving exam, a permanent license is granted no sooner than a year later. It is the duty of the district magistrate to receive applications for permanent permits. For applications to be considered in Reykjavk, they must be presented to Kópavogur District Magistrate.

  • It is required that the driver has not accrued any penalty points for traffic infractions in the last year and has passed a driving instructor’s ability exam. Buy Iceland Driving License.


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