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EU citizens residing in Finland who wish to renew a driving license issued in another EU country may do so at the service station. Your application for a permit to drive must be submitted in person. Finnish driving license in Australia, Finnish driving license in the United States, Finnish driving license in Canada, Finnish drivers license in Canada. BUY FINNISH DRIVER’S LICENSE.

When applying for a driving license permit, you must provide:

  • 2 photos (however, if you have submitted photos for a driving license since 1 January 2010, new photos are usually not required)
  • a valid driving license
  • a medical certificate with the same criteria that apply to renewing a Finnish driving license.

Customers must fill out a driving license application form and pay about €130 (licensing fee, photographs, and medical certificate) in order to obtain a driving license. The form asks if the applicant already has a driving license or has been banned from driving in another EU or EEA nation before filling out the form.

Prior to the expiration of your current license, you should apply for a new license.

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Renewal of your Finnish driving license will require you to take additional exams if you are 70 or older. Indian driving license in Finland, driving without a license in Finland.


Contact customer service if you lose your Finnish driver’s license.

Please submit the following papers in order to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged driver’s license:

a few pictures (however, if you submitted photos for a driving license since 1 January 2010, new photos are usually not required),
You must provide a written explanation of what happened if your driving license was stolen, lost, or destroyed.

It is necessary to make a written request for a duplicate license. Ajovarma customer service points that issue driving licenses accept the application. To submit your application, you’ll need to pay a license cost.

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