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The c├ędula de identidade is the official national identity document of Brazil. It is mostly informally called carteira de identidade, “RG” (from Registro Geral, General Registry) or simply identidade in Portuguese and we can help you obtain the brazil id card online. The card will always contain the name, birthdate, parents’ names, signature and thumbprint of the bearer. Some national documents can legally be bought from us, such as an identity card, such as a federative unit-issued driver’s license, passport or, for minors, a birth certificate. Each card has a unique RG number.

The Brazilian ID registry, physically verifiable by a genuine registered identity card, is generally managed by the Secretariat of Public Security, which means that it connects with the crime prevention network,Buy Brazilian id card online. As the ID card issuance network is not digitally integrated, each state has its own institution and rules for issuing ID cards. There are 27 separate ID-issuing entities in the country, making it possible for each Brazilian to have more than one RG number which is actually dangerous.Buy Brazilian id card online
Duplicate records are a reality frequently. Likewise, there is no single rule for generating an ID number quite unfortunately. This creates an ID registry that is not 100% reliable, although it is the official one. As there is no technical requirement for the integration of general registry databases, the number can even be the same for two different citizens. Buy the registered E-ping online, a Ministry of Planning document that compiles standards from international sources and translates them into Portuguese, does not necessarily need to be respected in this case which should be the case .


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