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Buy a dutch driver’s license online

Buy a dutch driver’s license online

The Dutch driving licence is the most difficult driver’s license to obtain among the most universally accepted license. Netherlands being part of the EU makes the dutch driver’s license to be accpeted universally. An exact testing process combined with solid infrastructure means that Dutch roads are some of the safest in the world (Dutch Road Safety). The ubiquity of public transport may cause you to use a car only rarely, but as I discovered recently, road trips have an other worldly joy of their own. If you are from outside the EU your existing driver’s licence is unfortunately only valid for a period of 6 months (I have heard from some friends that they were able to rent a car even after this period, but I cannot confirm that this is legal).Buy dutch driver’s license

I passed my test for a Dutch driving licence a few months ago (fun fact – this means I now have driver’s licence in 3 countries but own nothing more than a bicycle) and I think it would be useful to explain the major steps of the process. Bear with me here, because this story about ‘How to get a Dutch driving licence?’ is going to be a long ride. Buy dutch driver’s license

Make sure you do your research before you buy a car in the Netherlands! This point is very important. Don’t just jump right in there head first, I know it’s exciting but slow down! You don’t want to end up with a car which has reputation for being unreliable (or expensive to run!), or a car that was not looked after by their previous owners. Buying a car is an investment in itself, so it’s really important that you choose a car that’s right for you.

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