Buying a German driving license.

Buying a German driving license. procedures for obtaining a German driver’s license vary significantly depending on where you originate from, with separate US states having differing agreements with Germany. Purchase a registered German driver’s license.

What should you do first in order to buy a German driving license? What papers should you provide to a driving school? How long do the courses last? What format does the exam take? How much money will you have to spend on it? Stay tuned for the answers.

Good news for individuals who already have a driver’s license. If you acquired your driver’s license in another nation, you may use it for a period of six months.

However, your previous driving license will expire after six months of residency in Germany. As a result, you will need to confirm your driving privilege. Driving experience lowers the amount of time spent in driving schools (theoretical lessons are not required). Furthermore, it greatly decreases training costs (by three and more times). In general, obtaining a German driving license will cost you between 1000 and 2000 euros.

Buy a German Driver’s license Online.

At ktravelhome, we can provide you with an authentic German driver’s license. You may purchase a German driver’s license without taking any lessons; whether you failed the exam, lost your license, or have a suspended license, we can supply you with a clean and registered drivable license.

buying a german driving license
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