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In general, there are four sorts of financial statements.
The balance sheet:
For the full reporting period, this report offers information about a company’s financial performance. In order to get at a net profit or loss, it starts with revenues and subtracts all costs.

It reflects the company’s budgetary status as of the date of the report (i.e., a specific date).

Inflows and outflows of cash are shown on the Cash Flow Statement.

Financing statements may be divided into four primary categories

This is what the revenue statement looks like:
This report uncovers the financial performance of an organization for the entire reporting period. It starts with sales and subtracts out all expenses incurred during the period to arrive at a net profit or loss.

Equity Statement:

Every change in equity throughout the reporting period is detailed in this report. A few examples of these changes include the issue or acquisition of shares as well as dividend distributions and profits/losses The initial sorts of budget reports may be accompanied by a series of footnotes at the time of distribution to clients. In addition to the financial statements, these comments might be fairly lengthy and emphasize specific data included in them.

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Buy fake HSBC  Bank Statement
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