Buy Austrian Driving License.

In Austria, there are a number of different types of licenses. Natürlich, a standard B license is available, as well as an L17 for young drivers L-license holders, on the other hand, are required to take individual instruction with a qualified instructor. For motorbikes under 125 cc, you can get away with a B license, but anything bigger than that requires an A license. Also available are a variety of classes of commercial driver’s licenses (C-F) for trucks, buses, and tractors. The Austrian driving license for cabs is also unique. Buy Austrian Driving License

Obtaining a Driving License in Austria.

Austrian drivers must complete a specified amount of training hours before they may take their practical driving exams. It’s important to note that the amount of hours required varies depending on the type of license you’re applying for. A-category licenses, for example, need 12 hours of training, whereas B-category licenses require 13.

Six hours of training must be completed with a certified teacher. Finally, you may practice your driving abilities by riding along with a qualified driver. Your pre-exam preparation will cover everything from traffic assessment and lane changes to maneuvering through junctions, saving gas, and navigating the Autobahns. Driving lessons are the standard in Austria cost around €65 each. Buy Austrian Driving License.

Buy Austrian Driving License

Exchanging a foreign driver’s license in Austria

In order to obtain an Austrian driving license, you just need to exchange your foreign one. As a rule, this is a straightforward method to follow. Take your passport, foreign driver’s license, and a picture to the licensing office. Your Austrian residency registration form (Bestätigung der Meldung) and a certified medical certificate of good health will also be required to be shown at the airport. €600.50 is the cost of converting a foreign driving license to an Austrian driving license; however, if it is urgently needed, you must pay an extra €180.99 for expedited service A driving test may also be required in some situations. Buy Austrian Driving License.

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