How to obtain a real and registered croatian id card?

A Croatian identity card is an identity document issued in Croatia. Any Croatian citizen who is resident in Croatia can obtain an ID card and it’s compulsory for all citizens over the age of 18. This document is issued by the police on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior.
Both the 2003 and therefore the 2013 versions of the ID card are valid as travel documents in most of Europe. The pre-2003 version is valid only in Croatia. Buy registered croatian id card
Amendments to Croatia’s ID Card Act were adopted to implement the Regulation of the ecu Parliament and of the Council on strengthening the safety of identity cards of Union citizens and residence documents issued to Union citizens and their families exercising the proper to free movement, which entered into force on the first of August 2019, and is directly applicable across all EU member states as of the 2nd of August, 2021.
The validity period for which these new Croatian ID cards will be issued to persons up to the age of 70 will be five years.
After submitting all of the paperwork for a Croatian visa, there are still a few more steps before receiving the visa.
Once all of your documents are evaluated by the police caseworker, the police will contact you to let you know whether or not your application has been approved. However, with we will fasten the procedure and make sure the applications approved in a shorter time frame.
Upon approval, return to the police headquarters where the appliance was submitted. At this point , you’ll be asked to supply a passport photo and pay the appliance fee.
Providing your passport photo
The passport photo must be 3 x 3.5 cm. As the standard passport photo sizes and standards vary by country, it’s possible that photos brought with you from another country won’t work. If you are unsure of the size, there is typically a photoshop near each main police station that will take your picture and provide photos that meet the guidelines for Croatia.
Paying the visa application fee
The application fee will also vary depending on the type of application you have submitted and your nationality. The fee should have been presented to you at the very beginning of your application process as it is stated on the requirements document the police provides.
To make the payment, you’ll be given payment details (one per person) that you’ll take to a bank to pay. After payment, provide the receipt of the payment slip to ktravelhome as proof. Buy a registered Croatian id card.
Next, they will get your fingerprints. Using an a4 and ink blue or black, you’ll provide fingerprints for your pointer fingers on each hand only.

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